Book a tour

We facilitate small group tours twice a month. These tours are led by our Director and provide insight into the operations of our service and a gilimpse at the programs and relationships developed between our educators and children.

You can book a tour via the TryBooking website.

Enrolment of your child

MPECC's enrolment policy seeks to ensure that child care places are allocated in a fair and non-discriminatory manner. Please see the Enrolment and Orientation Policy for details. Parents must be working or training and preference will be given to families residing or working in the Boroondara area. The enrolment policy is administered by the Director and Administration Staff.

MPECC uses a waitiling list procedure to fairly and equitably offer available enrolment places to families. Minifie Park uses an online waitlist platform, this is available from MyWaitlist. An administration fee of $70.00 applies.

Please be advised: MPECC currently has NO avaiable vacancies. There is a large demand to access our service. We advise that average waiting periods once entered on to the waiting list are up to 24 months, and can sometimes exceed this timeframe. If you require child care before this time, we would advise you to enquire at other child care services. 

If your child is offered a place at MPECC and you accept, then a small payment to become a member of the Association, Parent Participation, and two weeks fees in advance are to be paid. Upon receiving the above payments along with the letter of acceptance each family will be given an Enrolment Package which will have a detailed enrolment form and orientation information along with other information that is required to be completed and returned upon your first day of orientation MPECC.

Places cannot be made available to children younger than 3 months.

The Orientation Process

Once enrolled at Minifie Park, all families will be required to participate in an Orienation process. This process will be scheduled in with our Administration Team across three days and will require parents to attend the service with their child for 2-5 hours per day before the child is able to be left in our care.

Orientation is offered to accommodate the individual needs of the child. On the first orientation visit parents are expected to spend time in the classroom with their child, become involved in the activities and provide as much imformation to the educators about the child, family and living routines as possible. Establishing a good relationship with your child’s educators is essential to ‘settling in’.

Our early childhood educators will make every effort during the orientation period to help settle your child.  When it is time for you to leave your child in our care we would encourage you to say goodbye to your child and reassure them that you will be returning to collect them later. This approach develops a child’s understanding that their mum or dad will always be coming back for them.

The First Day — What to Expect

On your child’s first day at MPECC, the educating and care staff will endeavor to gently integrate your child into their room and activities. It is important to tell staff what activities, foods, care etc. your child likes or dislikes. We would like to encourage you to call us as often as you feel the need. Calls to the central office number can be transferred into the children’s rooms so that you are able to talk to your child’s educators directly.