About Us


$104 per day

$500 per week

$375 Parent Participation Levy per family per year

$10 Association fee

Centre Hours

Monday-Friday 7:30am - 6:15pm

Closed Public holidays and two weeks over the Christmas period (exact dates to be confirmed)

Age Groupings

MPECC has five rooms usually catering for the following room groups:

    Nursery                                        8 children

    Toddlers                                      12 children

    Prekinder                                    16 children

    Preschool/3Yo Kinder                 22 children

    4 Yo Kindergarten                       22 children

The initial consideration of room placement is decided on the basis of age. We value consistency and continuity and feel that these values are essential in providing a safe and caring environment for children. Therefore it is not our common practice to move children from room to room throughout the year. However, the Director, in consultation with parents, may exercise some discretion to meet the needs of an individual child.

Whilst the majority of a child’s day will be spent with children of a similar age, the structure of our rooms and outdoor play areas allow for multi-age play. We feel that this balance is ideal to allow children to participate in developmentally appropriate risk-taking experiences at times, and in other times encourage children to operate in a multi-age community. We value the role of family within the context of a child’s development and will support sibling play.


The centre comprises of five large light and bright playbased classrooms. Each classroom had an abundnace of natural light, direct access to the outdoor education environments and purpose-built toileting facilities. Upon entry, our building has a large open foyer providing notice boards and displays.

Our classrooms are equipped with an extensive range of equipment, toys and materials for children of all ages for both indoor and outdoor play. The building is climate controlled using ducted heating and cooling and comprises a large modern, functional kitchen for the preparation of food.

Our educators have access to a large purpose built staff room and dedicated planning office, as well as unisex staff amenities.

Rating and Assessment

Children's education and care services covered under the Education and Care Services National Law are assessed and rated against the NQS. The process reflects a uniform approach to assessment and reporting across the range of service settings. The relevant regulatory authority in each state and territory undertakes the assessment and rating process. Within Victoria that is the Department of Education and Training (DET).

Ratings promote transparency and accountability and help parents assess the quality of education and care services available. Every service receives a rating for each quality area and an overall rating. These ratings must be displayed by each service and are published on the ACECQA and the MyChild websites.

MPECC last participated in the NQF Rating and Assessment in July 2013. As a result, MPECC has been assessed a Meeting the required standards for all the seven quality areas within the National Quality Framework.

Management of MPECC

The Committee of Management (CoM)

The Association manages the centre through a Committee of Management (CoM) that is made up of a representative group of parent users and staff. The Committee has a minimum of seven members, who are elected on an annual basis at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Notice of the AGM and a call for nominations to the Committee will occur annually. One month’s notice will be given in writing to members. In the interest of continuity and effective management, it is recommended that at least one third of the committee members hold their positions for a two year period.

The Management Committee is responsible to the Association Members for all the decisions it makes. Decisions made by the Committee should be made with the interest of the parent and child users of the Centre in mind. The Committee has a responsibility to inform the users of any major events, policy or operating changes that may affect them.

The Committee of Management is structured as follows:

   Five Executive Member;


          Vice President



          Centre Director (non voting)

Other memebrs;

          Three to five ordinary members

          Co-opted members where required

A full list of committee members is displayed on the notice board or is available from the Director.


The CoM is responsible for:

-      Financial management

-      Policy setting, implementation and review

-      Ensuring proper record keeping and reporting procedures are maintained

-      Efficient and effective management of the Centre

The CoM meets at the centre monthly and members are always most welcome to attend.



The centre Director is an executive member of the Minifie Park CoM, who also sits on the Employment and Finance Sub-Committees, and is therefore directly involved in the policy and decision making processes of the centre.

The Director is responsible for the operational processes of the centre, which involves staff management and development, administrative duties and ensuring that all the regulations and standards associated with the running of the centre are maintained.

The Director submits a report to the CoM at each monthly meeting, detailing the activities of the centre. Any issues arising are discussed and an appropriate plan of action is drafted and implemented. Often the Director advises the Committee on the most appropriate plan of action and ensures it is implemented. The Director is always available to meet and talk with parents and staff, and liaises between parents and the CoM and parents and staff.


Area Managers

The Area Managers assists the Director and CoM in various staff management, development and administrative duties where required, including maintaining the waiting list, producing staff rosters. The Area Managers are also available for discussions with families and will spend some time each week working directly with the children.

During the absence of the Director from the Centre, one of the Area Managers is then considered the person in charge.