Minifie Park Early Childhood Centre is an 80 place education and care service for children aged from age three months to school age. We also have integrated three year old and four year old Kindergarten programs five days a week.

Minifie Park Early Childhood Centre (MPECC) aims to provide a happy, safe, nurturing environment where children develop their self esteem and grow as individuals.

Our philosophy provides a guide to the planning of our program and the day to day attitude of MPECC. We view children as capable and competent and as co-contributors to their learning and environment. Our program reflects these views by providing both child and educator led experiences that allow children the opportunity to belong to a community, be in the ‘here and now’ and become confident learners. We believe that family participation and contribution is integral to our program.

MPECC believes that each child is different and unique. By providing a range of experiences that enable the child to interact with their environment each child is able to develop skills and ideas to assist them in fulfilling their potential.


Community Citizenship

Each child, family member and staff member of Minifie Park Early Childhood Centre has an equal right to citizenship within the Minifie Park community. Each individual has the right to feel safe, welcomed and valued whilst participating in our programs. We rely on the input and participation of each member of our community and aim to find ways to ensure that the contribution of each child, family and staff member is acknowledged and valued.

Meaningful Educational Experiences

We believe that all children are competent and capable learners, not limited by age. Our programs are guided by our belief all children have the capacity to grasp complex learnings and understandings, however the way each child will construct meaningful knowledge and self-identity throughout their journey will be unique. We believe that learning and development are individualised experiences, dependant on the context of each child, and strongly encourage family participation to ensure each individual child is engaged in our service.


Holistic Child Development

We encourage children to build their own understandings of how the world around them works and their role within the world through real life experiences. These understandings include the impact that we as individuals can have on others, the environment and the wider community. We believe that promoting these understandings will build lifelong skills towards embracing sustainability, multiculturalism and diversity.

What families say about Minifie Park

  • "Minifie Park is warm community of professional edcuators who really care about my child and my family." - The Davies family
  • "My daugher was really ready for school after her time at Minifie Park. She was confident, happy and mature, ready to take the next leap into 'big school'."  - The Cust family
  • "The team took the time to get to know my baby and our family as we settled into the Nursery. They really became an extenstion of our family." - The Brown family